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Form building a state of creativity

Creativity is Empowering

CREATIVITY IS A DEMOCRACY. It is available to all, and has the power to create pathways to meaningful work, a better quality of life, and integrated and enlightened communities.

Creativity, as well as providing aesthetic value, also has value in what it helps people, and communities, to achieve. It is along this axis that FORM’s interest lies.

FORM is an independent, non-profit cultural organisation established in 1968 that develops and advocates for excellence in creativity and artistic practice in Western Australia.

We see creativity as a catalyst for positive change, and we believe that the best, most vibrant places to live are the ones that nurture dynamic creativity, showcase cultural diversity, insist on quality, and are shaped with people in mind.

Our activities span high-level artist development and exhibitions, place-making and strategy, social and multicultural engagement, cultural infrastructure development, Aboriginal cultural maintenance, research, and advocacy. All of these activities are connected by the exploration of artistic excellence, whether through processes or outcomes.

FORM has offices and a gallery space on Murray Street Perth, the Courthouse Gallery and Visitor Centre in Port Hedland, and Spinifex Hill Studios in South Hedland. Our programming spans regional and metropolitan Western Australia.


Form building a state of creativity