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Form building a state of creativity

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Stunning Wall dots | OBSCURA collaboration


We are super excited to announce that the Gallery has collaborated with local creative advocate Stunning Walls, to create limited edition OBSCURA | Karijini through an abstract lens wall dots!!

The removable wall dots are perfect for sprucing up your decor, and having a little bit of abstract Pilbara in your home.

Small (4x 7.5cm diameter wall dots) – $29.95

Large (9x 10cm diameter wall dots) – $79.95



AÃRK Collective

AÃRK Collective are a team of four Melbourne-based creatives linked by family and a love of design. Their influences are diverse but share a desire to make objects that are lasting and unique. They’re focused on simple forms, obsessed with tiny details and inspired by the challenge of balancing function and beauty in wearable design.

From precision Swiss and Japanese Quartz movements to hand-dipped casings and soft Horween Leather straps, AÃRK choose and customise the highest quality components for each timepiece.
Geometry and playful detail inform AÃRK’s aesthetic, but each design is underpinned by an uncomplicated love of minimalism.



The Gallery stocks a range of copper and brass home and table ware from Melbourne-based design store Lightly.


Emma Davies

Emma Davies is a Melbourne based artist with an established reputation for innovative and creative installations for both the private and commercial sector. Davies’ work can be seen throughout Australia and overseas in commercial outlets, as part of large scale collaborations and complex commissions in high profile properties.

“Inspired by the art of basket weaving, I work with a broad variety of polypropylene material – finding, cutting, opening, heating, molding, and sometimes weaving – to create vessels and forms, many of which are a modern take on the traditional woven form.
My craft was borne out of my fascination with the woven work of Australian indigenous artists, and want to explore materials immediately accessible to me.
Staring into my fruit bowl gave me a flash of inspiration – I saw an onion bag in a different light. I saw that it had the form of a basket and I figured I could use this basic and somewhat lowly type of packaging material as a medium to create my own style of woven forms.”

The Gallery stocks a collection of Emma’s polypropylene net sculptures


Abby Seymour

Abby Seymour (Melbourne) is a multifaceted creative whose practice spans jewellery, objects and print. Drawing inspiration from hidden details, subtle forms, the simplicity of textural details and layers in the environment, she strives to apply high attention to detail, artisan techniques and a sustainable ethos to every piece of work she produces.

Abby’s bespoke jewellery can be found at the Courthouse Gallery.

Prices range from $40 – $330 – all handmade items


Waringarri Arts

Waringarri Aboriginal Arts is a living, growing art centre celebrating the uniqueness of Miriwoong cultural identity. Established in the late 1970’s, in the heart of Miriwoong country at Kununurra in the Kimberley region of northern Australia, Waringarri artists share the importance of their Country and Culture.

The Gallery stocks carved boab nuts (from $40) and original paintings ($76) from the Waringarri artists.


Jessica Jubb

Jessica Jubb is an Australian born visual artist exploring the creative disciplines of contemporary jewellery and public sculpture.Jessica’s artwork reflects her interest in native flora and fauna, complex natural systems, and the interconnectedness of all things. Inspiration is taken daily from the the natural bush-lands surrounding her home among the eastern hills of Perth, Western Australia.

The Gallery stock a range of Jessica Jubb’s earrings and necklaces, prices starting from $30.


Tjanpi Desert Weavers

Tjanpi Desert Weavers is a not-for-profit social enterprise of Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Women’s Council (NPYWC), an Aboriginal governed and directed Corporation. NPYWC members created Tjanpi (meaning ‘grass’) to enable women on the NPY Lands to earn a regular income from selling their fibre art. More than 300+ Aboriginal women artists from 28 remote communities in the western and central deserts of Australia come together on country to create beautiful, intricate and whimsical fibre art. Tjanpi provides one of the few opportunities for self-initiated income on the NPY Lands and brings Aboriginal women together on country to collect grass, sculpt and weave, sing and dance and keep culture strong.

The Courthouse Gallery stocks a range of hand made pieces and jewellery made by Tjanpi Desert Weavers. Prices range from $40 – $398.


And O

and O Design creates delicate and alluring ceramic jewellery and interior accessories.
From a home studio in the northern suburbs of Melbourne Australia, since 2009 Japanese artist Yumi Ando has hand crafted geometric forms, curious bunnies, miniature hanging air-plants, delicately painted lustre necklaces and more. Inspired by the natural world, industrial forms and her Japanese background.
Her pastel and traditional Japanese colours; indigo blue, uguisu green and sakura pink were first created in 2010. She has been making lustre decorated jewellery and homewares since 2011 and her luster work and pastel colours are now part of and O design’s signature style.
Each piece is a unique cultural fusion, shaped from porcelain, earthernware and raku before being decorated by hand. All pieces are kiln fired at least twice to ensure strength and longevity. We hope they bring you as much joy, as they have for her to create.


Susan Frost Ceramics

Susan is a ceramicist based in the JamFactory in Melbourne, her functional vessels are characterised by Scandi-inspired clean lines, and a beautiful, muted palette of 13 coloured glazes.

The Gallery have 3 of Susan’s collections available.


Shimara Carlow

Shimara Carlow was born in a remote coastal area in West Cork, Southern Ireland in 1979, a childhood fascination for collecting shells, stones, mermaid’s purses, feathers and seed pods found along the sea shore has been the inspiration for her work.
Shimara completed a degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery in 2001, and went on to a 2 year residency at Bishopsland Workshops in South Oxfordshire In 2004 Shimara moved to London where she set up her own business and workshop, and in 2008 she re located to Melbourne Australia, where she now has a studio in the beautiful grounds of the Abbotsford Convent.
Shimara’s jewellery has been inspired by natural forms, primarily seed pods. She uses silver, 18ct gold, silk paper and gum nuts to create her tactile jewellery. Collections include Gum Nut, neckpieces, rings and earrings constructed from both silver and real gum nuts and Honesty, whitened and reticulated silver ovals, which resemble honesty leaves, constructed in to long articulated neckpieces and bracelets. She also has several ranges in 18ct gold with precious stones such as diamonds, pink sapphire and aquamarine, including a selection of wedding and engagement rings.

The Gallery stocks a collection of Shimara’s neckpeices, pendants, bracelets and rings.


Holly Grace

Holly Grace is a contemporary glass artist from Perth, currently working in Melbourne. Holly’s collection of glass leaves are on display at the Courthouse Gallery, prices starting form $400. Grace says of this collection…’the flattered surface of the leaf form becomes a 3-D canvas to explore colour. Becoming an abstract painting that highlights the transparent and intrinsic qualities of glass and its capacity to interact with light’


Natalia Milossz-Piekarska

Natalia Milossz-Piekarska is a Melbourne based studio jeweller focusing on exhibiton, unique ready to wear pieces, collaborative projects and private commissions.

Prices range from $160 – $195


Melissa North

Melissa has developed a strong interest for landscape painting, with an emphasis on the Pilbara. Her interest stems from her rural upbringing in Kalgoorlie and the Pilbara. The intensity of rich colours and movement within the landscape is the basis for Melissa’s inspiration. “Flights from the Pilbara to Perth have driven her to capture the movement of line within the landscape,… the creek beds, the salt pans, the Iron-ore industry- the immediate environment we live in”.

Melissa has exhibited several works at the Courthouse Gallery over the years, and currently stocks gift cards, framed works and mini canvases in the Gallery retail space.


Utopia Goods

Utopia Goods is a new homewares company recreating Australiana with a colourful, illustrative twist.

The Gallery stocks a range of scarves and bags, featuring the botanical and Australiana inspired designs.


MH Ceramics

Marie-Helene Clauzon is a French ceramist living and working in Perth. With her background in styling and photography she has developed a natural sense of shape and color and creates pieces that have a simplicity and elegant rusticity in their design. Her collections are inspired by locations, including a range inspired by Cable Beach, Broome.

The Gallery stocks a large selection of platters, plates and condiment dishes with prices starting at $25.


Alister Yiap

Alister Yiap is a Perth based jewellery designer and artist, working in various forms of design and manufacture within the discipline of jewellery. Yiap has taken part in various national and state initiatives, runways and exhibitions. In 2010 Yiap was announced as the winner in the Mercedes-Benz Western Australina Fashion Awards for the Fine details award.

3D Printed Jewellery, Lamina Collection, featuring gold plated bronze infused stainless steel and bronze infused stainless steel pieces.

Prices range from $82 – $127

Freshwater pearl/9ct gold/9ct rose gold jewellery from $160 – $287

Exhibition pieces also available, prices range from $1,188 – $1248


Ellinor Mazza

Ellinor Mazza is a Melbourne based jeweller and designer. Obsessed with geometric shapes and how they appear and repeat in our everyday lives, she seeks to build these forms into comfortable, wearable designer pieces. Working in a number of materials and methods, Ellinor maintains a strong focus on Australian production and hand fabrication.

The Gallery stocks Ellinor’s handmade silver earrings and necklaces.


Goodly Gold

Goodly Gold launched in 2012 by Danielle Maugeri of Dani M Designs. After attending many markets over the years, Danielle found that her fans and customers sometimes wanted something a little more affordable for gifts or just ‘everyday wear’.

Rather than try to accommodate them by changing the direction or price point of her main label, Danielle started goodlyGOLD as an extra outlet for her to share her ideas and designs without the price tag that is attached to her handmade Dani M items.

Made locally, here in Melbourne and Sydney, goodlyGOLD products offer the same attention to detail, quality and fun that Danielle is known for, but in a price point that everyone can love! The initial range stems from Danielle’s obsession with Egyptian artifacts, and sees her trying her hand at a little colour and texture here and there.

Prices start from $65.00


Status Anxiety

Status Anxiety (Australian Brand)

Status Anxiety Leather Wallets and Bags. You might well ask, what is Status Anxiety? Well aside from being the proliferate social phenomenon (as written about by our friend Alain de Botton), it’s also the Australian fashion accessories brand responsible for that awesome leathery smell in over 500 fashion boutiques around Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, Canada and the US of A. Every one of our wallets or handbags has a distinctly nonchalant and unassuming demeanour about it and is crafted from the finest leather money can buy (Italian and French if you please).


MT Tape

This Japanese cult stationery is made from Washi Paper that is coloured and decorated with beautiful designs to produce rolls of MTMasking Tape. If you haven’t used or seen ‘MT’ tape before you are in for a treat.

Prices range from $4.95 for a single roll to $19.95 for a pack of three.


Claire Brooks

Claire Brooks is an independent jeweller based at the Gray Street Workshop, South Australia. She combines geometric forms, patterns, and found objects with fine materials such as gold, silver and precious stones to produce amazing small objects and wearable works of art.

the Gallery have a range of Claire’s pearl collection in stock, prices from $100.



Inspired by distinctive scents from around the world, VOLUSPA calls on years of expertise in home fragrance to present a totally unique and spectacular collection of scented candles, reed diffusers and room sprays.

Meaning ‘Goddess of Wisdom’ in ancient Scandinavian lore, VOLUSPA is an iconic home fragrance line that exudes impeccable quality and luxury indulgence. VOLUSPA scented candles are lovingly handmade by master candle-makers and complemented by beautifully designed packaging. Uniquely, each VOLUSPA candle is triple scented using a coconut and apricot wax blend that burns cleanly and evenly every time.


Prospector Co.

Prospector Co. is a product line for those who seek purpose and forethought in their skin and shave products. What began with pre-shave, post-shave and no-shave formulas for men has expanded to include wares for women, as well as categories in shaving, personal fragrance and interior scents, body creams and cleansers.

Prospector Co. products are free of unnecessary additives, artificial fragrances or colorings, using quality, naturally-derived ingredients that are sensitive on the skin.

CHG has a range of products including the Body Cleanser, Borrows Beard Oil, Deodorant Spray, Beard Cream & After Shave, Tester Vial kits and more!



Nancybird is a Melbourne based accessories label, focussing on quality materials and playful, thoughtful design. Much of the range has been hand printed by local Melbourne makers. All leathers are custom made in Italy in gorgeous seasonal colours.

The collection has a distinctively Australian feel, using raw, earthy materials with influences from Africa, Japan and Central Europe. But especially influenced by being right here in Melbourne town.

Prices start from $65.00


Triumph & Disaster

“Derived from Nature, Engineered with Science.”

Triumph & Disaster (NZ) has been a huge hit with our Port Hedland boys, and for good reason! Designed with an old fashioned grooming and rock ‘n roll aesthetic, T&D make simple, natural and chemical free men’s products that are both ethically and sustainabily conscious, this means:

No animal testing
No parabens, petrochemicals or silicones
Recycled packaging
Awesomeness in general

Working with, not against, nature, T&D utilise the cleanest, most efficient science to make effective, dependable and safe products for the modern day man.

CHG stock the full range of T&D products.


Decomposition Notebooks

Decomposition Notebooks are made using 100% recycled paper, soy ink and bio-gas. A new modern take on a stationery classic.

Designed by Michael Roger, Inc, in Brooklyn, NY, Decomposition Notebooks are among the most environmentally friendly notebooks around! Decomposition Notebooks are designed to be used and used, several times a day, until full of ideas, sketches and notes.

The inside front and back covers are printed with useful information and funky sketches. From old materials comes a new notebook, and from this new notebook comes…the possibilites are limited only by your imagination, creativity and supply.

Prices range from $7.95 – $14.95


Kester Black

Kester Black is proudly Australian made and owned and is committed to supporting local business. They use sustainable production methods including the use of recyclable materials and small batch manufacturing to minimise wastage. The products contain only the highest quality ingredients and all have CCF (Choose Cruelty Free), and Vegan Society accreditation.

We have a selection of nail polishes in the Gallery, in a variety of colours and glitters!



Spoil yourself with one England’s most prestigious and renowned heritage brand of chinaware.

The perfect cup of tea deserves to be served in beautiful china.

The CHG collection includes various individual teacups, teapots, strainers, caddies and sandwich trays, as well as assorted sets of plates, cup & saucer, sugar and cream- a perfect gift for someone special.


Bonnie and Neil

Bonnie and Neil is the creation of real life partners Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie bringing together their collective backgrounds in floristry, art, textiles, furniture and set design.

One of Australia’s most popular independent textile design studios, they are known for their vibrant ranges of unique screen printed products for the home. Largely incorporating botanical motifs, bright patterns and occasional nod to Australiana culture, their designs are influenced by their surroundings and a shared love of colour.

Their approach to design is rather intuitive, involving a combination of traditional printing methods paired with unique applications they’ve developed over the years. Every product is produced by hand in their studio in Melbourne on high quality materials. Its this handmade process which makes each piece unique.

The brand was originally launched in 2010 from a modest pocket-sized studio with a few local stockists. These days their beautiful handmade, screen printed homewares can be found in the US, Asia and most recently the UK, stocked by Anthropologie, Selfridges and Bloomingdales.


Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. is a stationery and gift brand based in Winter Park, Florida founded and owned by husband and wife team, Anna and Nathan Bond. All paper products are printed in the USA and assembled by hand to ensure every product is inspected before packaging. We use FSC-certified paper stocks with recycled content, environmentally responsible printers, and select high quality materials that allow for products that are both well-made and beautiful.

Assorted cards, gift tags, prints and wrapping available in the Courthouse Gallery, prices range from $4.95 – $19.92.


Pip Keane Design

Pip Keane Design is a Melbourne based jewellery Studio run by Pip Keane. Pip give’s great thought to comfort, flexibility and beautifully integrated designs. Pip’s designs use clean-cut geometric shapes and a variety of materials such as silver, gold, titanium and delrin. These shapes integrate and overlap into simple, stylish fashion accessories. The neckpiece design signature is clever catches with sliding, interlocking components.

The Courthouse Gallery stocks a range of Aesop products, prices range from $60 – $305.



Aesop was established in Melbourne in 1987 with a quest to create a range of superlative products for the skin, hair and body. They are committed to using both plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients of the highest quality and proven efficacy – particularly those with the greatest anti-oxidant properties.

The Courthouse Gallery stocks a range of Aesop products.


The Dan300 Group

DAN300 designs was officially established in 1999 and at the time solely made handmade cards. When the dan300 panelled cushion launched onto the market in late 2000 it became clear that there was a market for top end unique product and over the years the company has grown to produce, cards , cushions, hair accessories, button accessories, fashion accessories, Ladies fashion, handbags, belts, kids accessories and fashion and in the most part items made from gorgeous textiles.

The Courthouse Gallery stocks a range of DAN300 stationary.


Dinosaur Designs

Designers: Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy

“Our studio in Strawberry Hills in Sydney has the most beautiful light that pours in through the windows. It’s a very important place for us. It’s where we create and develop our designs and produce every resin piece we make by hand. It’s a place of work but it’s also very personal – almost like an extension of our home. We believe that having a happy environment has a big effect on what’s created and produced in it.

We love our stores too, as they are where we get to be with our customers and where we get feedback on our designs. One of the big mile stones for us was opening our store in New York. It’s been extremely rewarding and we’ve learned so much from the experience.”

The Courthouse Gallery stocks a range of jewellery and other DD products.



Elk is proudly based in Melbourne, Australia. Elk offers original, contemporary designed fashion accessories, leather goods and beautiful apparel. Accessories for men are also offered in raw leather, natural jute and vegetable tanned leathers.

Elk’s strong design and commitment to working with small manufacturers across the globe whose traditional skills and techniques guarantee authentic, high quality production result in new and exciting ranges each season.

The Courthouse Gallery stocks a range of jewellery and other Elk products.


Peaches + Keen

Peaches + Keen (Melbourne) are the combination of Gold and Silversmith Lucy Hearn and Graphic Designer Lily Daley. Drawing inspiration from colour, nature and the world around them, they place great importance on producing handmade and unique objects. Their jewellery is comprised of bright colours, geometric shapes and the reflective surface of gold foil. Their work continues to evolve as they explore the possibilities of their preferred material – plastic.


The Pilbara Project Book

A selection of photographs and field notes from photographers trips to the Pilbara, that capture the regions stunning scenes and landscapes.



We Call it Home | Spinifex Hill Artsists - Exhibition Catalogue

Artworks and stories from the Spinifex Hill Artists 2015 exhibition.



Ngurra Kuju Walyja - One Country, One People Stories from the Canning Stock Route Book

During five years of extensive research FORM’s Canning Stock Route Project has derived an extraordinary body of cultural and historical knowledge through a unique collaboration with Aboriginal artists and contributions from ten remote community arts and cultural organisations spanning the Western Desert.

This book – diversely articulated, dynamic with indigenous voices, scholarly, insightful, visually breathtaking and comprised entirely of previously unpublished material – will be richly rewarding for all who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Country and its people.



Ngarluma Ngurra Exhibition Catalogue

Ngarluma Ngurra: Aboriginal Culture on the Map showcases the work of artist Jill Churnside, and is a celebration of Ngarluma people, their way of life, and cultural values. Featuring spectacular paintings and related multimedia, this exhibition celebrates Ngarluma culture and new forms of cartography through digital mapping.



Pieces of Gutharraguda (Shark Bay): Jimmy Poland Exhbition Catalogue

Pieces of Gutharraguda (Shark Bay) is an exhibition that tells the story of Malgana artist Jimmy Poland through material culture and a range of historical sources. The exhibition is the outcome of FORM’s mentorship development program, in which leading West Australian jeweller and artist Helena Bogucki worked with Poland over two years to harness his intricate skills, handed down through generations, into a contemporary body of small scale sculptural and jewellery work.




'I Took the Time to Look' Pilbara Postacrd Book

45 postcards featuring photographs taken by participants from the 2009 P.H.otography Program.



Form building a state of creativity