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Earth Matters explores the enigmatic qualities and materiality of white earth pigments in Aboriginal artwork from the Kimberley (WA), Arnhem Land (NT) and Tiwi Islands (NT) in paintings, and three dimensional works.
As a medium that is tied to tradition, white ochre or gapan also provides opportunity for abstraction, minimalism and experimentation. Artworks explore the interaction and connection between art, earth, culture and
identity, as well as metaphysical and ancestral elements.

FORM invites you to attend the opening of Earth Matters on Friday 29th September 6pm—8pm
The Goods Shed
Corner of Shenton Road & Claremont
Crescent, Claremont WA 6010

Please RSVP to: | 08 9226 2799

To be opened by
Hon. Ben Wyatt
MLA Treasurer; Finance; Energy;
and Aboriginal Affairs

Meath Hammond
Head of Corporate Affairs BHP,
WA Iron Ore, Petroleum and Nickel West

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