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Form building a state of creativity

Gian Manik

About Gian Manik

“Fundamentally, painting explores the language of representation…My paintings are of the subject of the mirror, translated through fabrics or other more plastic or fluid reflective surfaces, to tackle the idea of ‘mirroring’ representation and translation of
image into painting.”

Gian Manik was born and raised in Western Australia, but relocated to Melbourne in 2011. Since that time his paintings have come to focus almost exclusively on reflective and mirrored surfaces, this subject matter allowing him to represent an in-between or liminal space that shifts between abstraction and representation.

In early 2017 Manik will undertake a FORM residency in the Pilbara, focused on creating new works in partnership with the community of Port Hedland, interpreting the reflective surfaces of the region’s iconic rocks and minerals.

Outcomes of this residency will show at FORM Gallery Perth on Friday, 9th June, allowing Manik to premiere his first major body of solo work in Western Australia in five years. The centrepiece of his exhibition will be a monumental, 10-meter long canvas, created in collaboration with artists from Port Hedland.


Form building a state of creativity