PUBLIC Salon was a salon-style exhibition by PUBLIC artists that exhibited work by some of the leading street artists from around the world.

A salon (from the French word for a living room or parlour) is an informal exhibition that brings together an array of styles of contemporary artistic works, densely hung, creating a casual environment to encourage conversation.

PUBLIC Salon featured works by 2501, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Casey Ayers, Nathan Beard, Lucas Grogan, Ian Mutch, Chris Nixon, ROA, Stormie Mills, Jordan Seiler, Yandell Walton, and others artists of PUBLIC.

Chris Nixon_sml

Chris Nixon, Elephant, 594 x 420mm, Giclee print on paper, framed, 2013.
Ian Mutch, Walk, 600x600mm, Aerosol and ink on reflective street sign, 2014.
Chris Nixon, Australiana, 594mm X 420mm, Print on Cotton rag, 2013.


Images Courtesy of the artists.