Though engaged with two different mediums, mid-career artists Consuelo Cavaniglia and Penny Coss share an interest in evoking ephemeral states and transitory environmental phenomena in their works. Sydney-based Cavaniglia employs visual illusion to create works that toy with the audience’s perception. Frequently employing transparency and reflection, her works serve to confuse foreground and background, disrupting the relationship between the viewer and the artwork. Sydney-born, Perth-based Coss creates abstract paintings that interpret her experience in the natural landscape. She employs scale, transparency and staining to create richly layered works that draw the audience in. FORM has invited both artists to undertake a residency in the Pilbara and immerse themselves in landscape that is almost hallucinatory in its harsh beauty and extremes of climate and light. Outcomes of their research will show at The Goods Shed in 2017.