“We wanted people to view Karijini from a different perspective, not from a landscape photographer’s point of view, like most had done before… Moving water, fast running waterfalls, rugged geological formations.”   Bewley Shaylor, mentor photographer

OBSCURA | Karijini through an abstract lens

Michelle Siciliano | Janelle Cockayne | Samantha Bell | Shirley Riley | Amber Hooke | Seren Edwards | Zoe Kickett | Alice King | Nils Freidrich | Danielle Briggs | Sonia Vine | Elly Lukale | Katie Evans

Over three days, 15 photographers turned an abstract lens on their Pilbara backyard. OBSCURA brings you Karijini National Park’s 100-metre gorges, prehistoric mountains, and hidden swimming holes as you’ve not seen them before.

The complete OBSCURA online catalogue can be found here.

WORN LAND | Four contemporary jewellers in the Pilbara

Yuko Fujita | Nicky Hepburn | Pennie Jagiello | Natalia Milosz-Piekarska

Worn Land explores the disorientating intersection of desire and displacement that can accompany our experience of place. Yuko Fujita, Nicky Hepburn, Pennie Jagiello and Natalia Milosz-Pietarska have created works in response to their residencies in the Pilbara, and the results engage with an ungraspable and resistant landscape through explorations of materiality and scale.

Since early colonisation, Australian landscapes have frequently been conceived of as actively resistant to Western knowledge and the non-Indigenous body, a trope that persists even in contemporary explorations into remote and regional Western Australia.

Throughout their residencies in the Pilbara, Fujita, Hepburn, Jagiello, and Milosz-Piekarska ventured into some of the most isolated parts of northern Western Australia. Working both with and in response to materials found within these places, the resident jewellers are developing immersive works that explore the relationship between the body and these remote environments.