“Fundamentally, painting explores the language of representation…My paintings are of the subject of the mirror, translated through fabrics or other more plastic or fluid reflective surfaces, to tackle the idea of ‘mirroring’ representation and translation of image into painting.”      Gian Manik, 2015


Gian Manik was born and raised in Western Australia, but relocated to Melbourne in 2011. Since that time his paintings have come to focus almost exclusively on reflective and mirrored surfaces, this subject matter allowing him to represent an in-between or liminal space that shifts between abstraction and representation.

This two-day workshop facilitated by Gian Manik will allow participants to work on their ability to understand composition, colour and realist painting style. Using still life inspiration, participants will first work in charcoal and pencil on day one, then move to acrylic painting on day two.

The workshop will enable participants to focus on small scale objects to refine their technique, which will ultimately benefit their painting practice into the future. The first day will be held at the Courthouse Gallery, and day two at Spinifex Hill studios.

When: Saturday 8 April, 9:00am – 5:00pm
Where: Courthouse Gallery, Port Hedland    |    Spinifex Hill Studios, South Hedland
How Much: $60 per person | $50 for members
Who: All are welcome, this workshop caters to beginners, but also those wanting to introduce new techniques to their drawing and painting practices.

Register here and email to katie@form.net.au