Flight: Aboriginal Perspectives from the Sky and A Year in the Making

Runs from 12 August to 23 September

Opening speakers:

  • Mr Warren Wellbeloved, BHP Manager Locomotive and Track Maintenance, Rail Operations
  • Mr Rob Leeds, Town of Port Hedland Acting CEO
  • Ms Christel Van Der Laan, A Year in the Making exhibiting jeweller

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Flight: Aboriginal perspectives from the sky

This exhibition brings together artworks from Western Australian Aboriginal artists exploring understandings of landscape and history as they have been informed by spiritual or literal flight across Country.

Perspectives from the sky have a significant and ongoing impact for Aboriginal people. Over the past 40,000 years, stories of birds, Dreaming spirits, and men and women flying across Country, have mapped the landscape that we know today.

Traditionally Aboriginal rock art, paintings, stories, and dance have mapped the Country in a complex way, from various perspectives and through different authorities of knowledge. In more recent times flying machines have been a growing presence in regional Western Australia with surveying and mustering helicopters and mail planes allowing people a view of their Country from the sky, and connecting people between some of the world’s most remote communities.

Flight explores the relationship between traditional and contemporary stories of flying machines, birds, spirits, and Dreamings.

Such aircraft appeared to be magical when they first appeared over desert skies, doing surveys of Country that no whitefellas had as yet seen. Some of these encounters are well documented and well remembered, as they were the first contact desert people had with those invaders who were moving slowly into the continent. For some these sightings remain within living memory, as much of the desert was not yet mapped or understood by the settler nation until the later half of the twentieth century. – curators Mollie Hewitt and Dr Darren Jorgensen

A Year in the Making

Twelve months, twelve local artist jewellers and twelve different themes have combined to create this unique jewellery exhibition. Developed over the course of a year, ART ON THE MOVE touring exhibition A Year in the Making exposes audiences to a diverse range of dynamic, conceptual and contemporary jewellery, raising awareness of the delicate art form and the enduring relevance of work made by hand.

For A Year in the Making, each of the twelve jewellers chose a theme that all artists personally responded to  creating a piece. With themes as diverse as ‘Connect’, ‘FIFO’, ‘Choose your own adventure’ and ‘Seeing the unseen’, makers were challenged by what was often unfamiliar subject matter.

There is a diverse range of jewellers involved in the exhibition, ranging from emerging to well established. These jewellers have worked in traditional through to conceptual practices, using a wide variety of techniques and mediums from sterling silver and copper to enamels, wood, gold and plastic. The resulting works are beautiful and often unexpected pieces, ranging from brooches, neckpieces and rings to larger objects.

Accompanying this exhibition is also a short film giving an insight into a number of the artists and their techniques, you can view this short film on the ART ON THE MOVE website at www.artonthemove.com.au.

“Jewellery making is often a solitary practice, and in this age, much is driven by computer aided design, new technology and cost savings. I wanted to bring together a diverse group of jewellers to work together and push the boundaries of their normal practice, highlighting the still valid process of the handmade and the underlying narrative and content with contemporary jewellery.” – Exhibition Coordinator and contemporary jeweller, Claire Townsend.

The tour of this exhibition is managed by ART ON THE MOVE.

Images: (1 – 8) Flight: Aboriginal perspectives from the sky opening night, Thursday 6 April 2017, photography by Edwin Sitt; (9) Helena Bogucki, Collections Study Denham, Western Australia 2013. Photographer: Bewley Shaylor; (10) Philip Noakes, The Bleeding World 2014. Photographer: Bewley Shaylor; (11) Jacquie Sprogoe, Fee Fi Fo Fum – Golden Eggs in the Nest of the Giant’s Magic Hen 2014. Photographer: Bewley Shaylor; (12) Jill Parnell, Beauty, can we feel it 2014. Photographer: Bewley Shaylor.