Jewellery Workshop with Christel van der Lann | Sunday 13th August

You are invited to participate in Reimagining Preciousness in Jewellery. This hands on workshop has been designed to engage the younger audience as well and those who are interested in creating, but don’t have jewellery-making experience.

The placing of these materials in a new context allows them to be seen and valued in a new way. The purpose of this workshop is to learn to use the technique of assemblage to make 3 dimensional arrangements for jewellery using found and discarded materials.

Facilitated by visiting jeweller and exhibitor in A Year In The Making, Christel van der Laan, participants will be encouraged in a spontaneous way to:

• Explore the qualities of divergent materials and use simple assembly techniques;
• Make informal compositions concentrating on creating parts or elements that can be used singly or in combination with others;
• Consider shape, tone, colour, texture, form, scale and balance.

Sunday 13th August | 9am – 4pm
$60 members | $70 non members – all equipment provided
Courthouse Gallery and Cemetary Beach

Please return your completed registration form to
The idea of preciousness in jewellery and the pursuit of beauty in the discarded and overlooked are enduring themes in my work. Since 2008, I have been carving parts and components from ceramic honeycomb, soldering aid on the jewellers workbench. A Year in the Making has stimulated me to explore a new range of materials, most notably litter, bricks and stones found in and around Port Hedland.

The selection and organization of materials to give form to thoughts and experiences is often the most exhilarating and challenging aspect of the making process. I strive to create poetic jewellery objects where each element is transformed when it is juxtaposed with another and each plays a crucial role in the final composition. – Christel van der Lann