Everyone’s futures lie in the hands of developing generations, and will depend on how young people navigate the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly technical and arguably less human-centred world. It is important to steer society’s expectations away from traditional pathways to traditional employment in order to embrace a more holistic and creative approach to our children’s future and their prospective occupations.

FORM’s Creative Learning program introduces children and teachers to an innovative learning process: the intentional development, through creativity, of the understanding, capacity, knowledge and skills which can equip young people to negotiate a rapidly-changing world.

Paul Collard (UK) is an expert in this approach, launching the program with FORM in 2016. Since then, students and their teachers have come to The Goods Shed to participate in workshops run by artists, performers and writers, and to explore their creative and sensory responses to the building, its surroundings, its history and its contents.
Paul returns for another month-long residency to work closely with Perth’s young people, and share his knowledge with their parents, carers and educators.