Jane Tangney is a Western Australian contemporary landscape artist who has exhibited in group and solo shows in WA, NSW and TAS. She has been a finalist in 8 Glover Prizes and most recently, finalist in the 2017 Hadley’s Art Prize – Australia’s richest prize for landscape painting (Awarded – Highly Commended). Jane’s studio based artwork is often characterised by large impasto paintings in oil and beeswax. By contrast, her works on paper have a carefree immediacy about them, they record the natural environment for later use in the studio and are mostly confined to private sketchbooks (the odd one escaping onto Instagram).

Jane will be conducting a workshop to highlight the value of drawing within your own art practice… sketching ideas, to review and assess prior to developing it into a final piece of work.

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A sketchbook is a place where I can try things out and fail, a place where I can scribble out an idea or delicately play with colour. Without it I’d find the blank canvas very daunting. I will encourage you to use your own sketchbooks with confidence and demonstrate how your drawing can benefit from using sticks and grasses from the natural environment – they create the most beautiful, unpredictable lines! Jane Tangney, 2018