‘People tend to think of it (Dreaming) as something distant and gone, like a dream, it didn’t happen. But when you’re living it, it transcends any kind of idea that dreaming isn’t here, or gone’ – Charmaine Green, Artist, Geraldton

‘I paint what I dream. I do contemporary painting about the Dreaming and what I dream, in accordance with the Dreamtime connection and history of my Mother’s people, Gija people’ – Gabriel Nodea, Artist, Warmun

Curated by independent curator Kate Alida Mullen, DREAM MINE TIME brings together a series of leading, contemporary Indigenous artists from across Western Australia whose works in some way attest the reality of a living and a modern Dreaming. The exhibition’s title draws from poem ‘Dream Mine Time Animals’ by Geraldton-based poet and artist Charmaine Green who, for this exhibition, has realised the words of her lyrical work into moving image using stop motion animation and iron ore dust.

A wealth of some of the oldest stories in human history are interwoven with the Western Australian landscape, kept alive for more than 60,000 years through oral traditions of story-telling. As colonisation and the industries it brought have literally reconfigured the earth over the course of some 200 years, many of the early creation stories have come to incorporate post-colonial subject matter – adaptations necessary for their own survival. This exhibition presents examples of this local phenomenon – celebrating the relevance of these evolving cultural narratives that are unparalleled in their spanning of time. Featuring new video work, sculpture, print media and painting, senior artists illuminate ancient stories that have been adapted in recent years to incorporate the shifts brought on by post-colonial industry. Their works show alongside examples of new Dreaming stories, birthed and shared by a younger generation of artists.

Exhibiting artists include:

Charmaine Green  |  Mabel Juli  |  Nancy Nodea  |  Phyllis Thomas
Ben Ward  |  Clifton Mack  |  Billy Yunkurra Atkins  |  Curtis Taylor  |  Gabriel Nodea
Judith Yinyika Chambers  |  Polly Pawuya Bulter-Jackson  |  Eunice Yunurupa Porter  |  Hughie Ahwon  |  Victor Burton  |  Nyapuru (William) Gardiner

Exhibition venue: FORM Gallery, 357 Murray Street, Perth.

Exhibition dates: 7 June to 28 July

Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm; Saturday, 12pm – 5pm.

All inquiries please contact Kate Alida Mullen at kate.alida.mullen@gmail.com or on 0488 776 035.

Read the online catalogue here.


Selection of works from the exhibition:

Billy Yunkurra Atkins, Kumpupirntily (Lake Disappointment), 2017, gouache on paper.


Phyllis Thomas, Learning to Work I & II (diptych), 2018, natural pigment on board.


Clifton Mack, Rainbow Serpent, 2017, acrylic on canvas.


Charmaine Green, Dream Mine Tim Animals (film still), 2018, iron ore animation (edition of 5).


Judith Yinyika Chambers, Cutting of the Road, 2017, acrylic on plywood.


Nyaparu (William) Gardiner, New Count, 2018, mixed media on paper.


Phyllis Thomas, Macintosh Gorge and Boil Dreaming I & II, 2018, natural pigment on board.


Curtis Taylor, Nyunyjila – Tongues II, 2018, carved wood from the artist’s own Country, iron ore dust, ochre, and paint.


Gabriel Nodea, Warrarnany Prediction – through the eyes of the wedgetail eagle, 2018, ochre and pigment on canvas.


Mabel Juli, Goolabal (snake), 2018, natural pigment on board.