The Goods Shed presents Pujiman, a major collaboration between Spinifex Hill Artists and Martumili Artists. The art centres, both located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, have united to bring the last pujiman (desert born) generation together with their younger artists. Featuring animation, film, and drawing, as well as the painting practice that has been the foundation of both art centres, Pujiman showcases the powerful contemporary Indigenous arts practice of the Pilbara.

This exhibition also features a large number of unstretched works from both art centres for sale. A selection is included below, but please visit The Goods Shed to see all the works.

Media Release: Click here.

Location: The Goods Shed

Exhibition dates: 24th August – 27th September

Unstretched works (selection only, more available at The Goods Shed)

Parnngurr and Punmu, 106cm x 152cm, Bugai Whyoulter, $6,400

Parnngurr, 76cm x 152cm, Bugai Whyoulter, $4,600

Untitled,  91cm x 91cm, Bugai Whyoulter, $1,400

Untitled, 76cm x 152cm, May Wokka Chapman, $3,400

Warnkarr, 107cm x 150cm, Nancy Nyanjilpayi Chapman, $5,600

Pitu, 76cm x 152cm, Ngamaru Bidu, $3,900

Canning Stock Route, 91cm x 121cm, Judith Anya Samson and Corban Clause Williams, $2,400

Untitled, 91.5cm x 122cm, Doreen Chapman, $1,200

Myroodah Station, 91.5cm x 91.5cm, Maggie Green, $1,500

Untitled, 45.5cm x 61cm, Mulyatingki Marney, $550

Wangarlba, 91.5cm x 122cm, Nancy Ngarnjapayi Chapman, $3,000

Untitled, 152.5cm  91.5cm, Nyaparu (William) Gardiner, $2,000

Moolyella, 40.5cm x 40.5cm, Nyaparu (William) Gardiner, $360

Rawa Warla, 106cm x 152cm, Jakayu Biljabu, $6,400