How can creative enterprises have a tripling effect on the Pilbara’s economy? Can creativity be used to improve social and economic outcomes? How do we harness cultural capital to look after the environment?

This September, the Pilbara Creative and Cultural Forum will bring expert speakers and creative practitioners together in the heart of one of the country’s richest cultural resources: the Pilbara, to take on the big questions.

Happening over two days in Newman, Western Australia, the Forum – a collaboration between the Pilbara Development Commission and FORM – will explore opportunities to coordinate government and private sector investment to maximise social and economic outcomes.

Key presentations include:

  • Risking big. Designing creative programs ambitious enough to equal the vast scale of their setting – with Jonathan Holloway, Director Melbourne Festival.
  • Collective impact. How arts and culture can be used collaboratively to tackle the region’s most significant challenges – with Catherine Hunter, Chair UN Global Compact Network Australia; Head of Corporate Citizenship, KPMG
  • Creative business. How to run creative practice as a small business and its tripling effect on the wider economy – with Monica Davidson, CEO Creative Plus Business.
  • A new brand for the Pilbara. Using storytelling to reposition this globally significant region as a cultural and creative core for Australia – with Jirra Lulla Harvey, Director Kalinya Communications.
  • Designing practice. Creating art from culture and the balance of manufacture versus art making – with Nicole Monks, Founder blackandwhite creative.
  • The Third Space model. Using arts as a language to craft social development and two-way learning in communities – with Kim McConville, Director Beyond Empathy and David Leha, Musician.
  • Art Across Spaces. How we create art that extends opportunities for community engagement – with Brian Robinson, Artist.
  • Caring for Country. Developing models for using cultural knowledge and connection to Country to effectively care for our environment in the modern world- with Patrick O’Leary, Partnerships Manager PEW Charitable Trusts.

Featuring presentations from leading creatives from across Australia and Factories offering focused engagement and mentoring opportunities with these national thought leaders, the Forum will inform a region wide strategy for the Pilbara’s creative and cultural sector.

FORM’s Executive Director Lynda Dorrington said the Forum would present the Pilbara as a model for the merging of local and national knowledge to catalyse creative development.

“The Pilbara Creative and Cultural Forum will explore the rich creative and cultural resources of a globally significant region,” Ms Dorrington said.

Pilbara Development Commission Chief Executive Officer Terry Hill said the arts and cultural industry was one of the key opportunities for economic diversification of the region’s economy.

“This first-class line-up of speakers demonstrates the significant cultural value that already exists in the Pilbara and a collective ambition to see the industry reach its full potential,” Mr Hill said.

“This Forum is the first step towards a more coordinated approach to creative industry development to maximise the economic and social outcomes of government and private sector investment.”
For interviews with speakers, additional images or information please email or call (08) 9226 2799.