FORM and the Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery is proud to present the 2018 Hedland Art Awards in partnership with principal partner BHP, and major partners, Town of Port Hedland, Pilbara Development Commission, and Pilbara Ports Authority. Artists from the Pilbara, Kimberley, Gascoyne, Mid West and Goldfields-Esperance regions are in the running for over $100,000 in prizes.

The Hedland Art Awards is one of the richest and most prestigious non-acquisitive regional art awards in Australia, providing exhibitors with exposure to a national audience, and giving new and upcoming artists opportunities to develop and showcase their work.

Nici Cumpston, Cathy Blanchflower, and Professor Ted Snell have been invited by FORM and the Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery to deliver the arduous task of selecting the winning artworks of nine awards.

FORM regional curator Andrew Nicholls said the judging panel was one of the strongest and most diverse FORM has ever assembled for the Awards.

“Each year the Hedland Art Awards is judged by a different trio of independent judges, and we are delighted that this year’s panel comprises three nationally-regarded arts industry experts who have not previously visited the Pilbara,” he said.

“Cathy Blanchflower is a talented Western Australian artist whose work is represented in numerous national collections.

“Nici Cumpston is widely recognised as one of the most important curators in the country, as well as a talented artist in her own right, and we cannot wait to hear her thoughts about the Awards entries.

“Ted Snell has represented Western Australian artists on the national scene via his many roles in national organisations, judging panels and publications over recent decades, and we are thrilled to be able to draw upon his years of experience for the 2018 HAA.”

Congratulations to the following artists for being selected as one of 111 finalists in this year’s art awards. The winners will be announced on the evening of Friday 12 October and published on our website on Saturday 13 October. We wish each of them the best of luck!

2018 Hedland Art Awards Finalists

Margaret Albert

Narelle Bettini

Claudia Billiau

Pascal Billiau

Shellie Blatch

Illyampi Victor Burton

Roma Nyutjangka Butler

Katjarra Butler

Diane Campbell

Nancy Nyanjilpayi Chapman

Doreen Chapman

Jacky Cheng

Isaac Cherel

Jill Churnside

Hozaus Bidaliji Claire

HSHS Senior School Engagement Class

Tiffany Clitheroe

Brandy Coppin

Sarah Cox

Marian Cox

Debbie Crothers

SangitaTrivedi Daniel

Michelle Day

Layne Dhu Dickie

Caitlin Dominey

Maddison Edgar

Kertu Ehala

Dallas Fletcher

Melissa Foster

Zenith Gardiner

Nyaparu (William) Gardiner

Ian Gear

Bob Gibson

Nyarapayi Giles


Anne Gordon

Jasmine Green

Maggie Green

Naomie Hatherley

Leanne Heenan

Ella Hinch

Howard Holder

David Hooper

Janeene Horne

Jennifer Hourquebie

Sadie James

Tjukupati James

Pippa Johns

Craig Jordan

Siobhan Kelley

Helen Komene

Lavinia Letheby

Travis Lilley

Tania Lindau

Benjamin Loaring

Jody Loaring

Owen Loaring

Skye Lockyer

Bobbi Lockyer

Lily Long

Annetta Lormada

Clifton Mack

Michael Macrae

Lindsay Malay

Michael Maroney

Ngarralja Tommy May

Janelle McCaffrey

Natalie Mccarthy

Carrie Mcdowell

Alana McKenzie

Eric Mitchell

Amie Montefiore


Patsy Mudgedell

Patrick Mung Mung

Nyangulya Katie Nalgood

Illiam Nargoodah

Lindsay Newland

Ellen Norrish

Taylah Nowers

Michael Paekam

Summer Parker

Serena Parker

Beryl Ponce

Eunice Porter

Greg Postle

Shirley Purdie

Kathy Ramsay

Natalie Read

Peta Riley

Jayne Rolinson

Winnie Sampi

Judith Samson

Allery Sand

Lezlie Saunders

Michelle Siciliano

John Prince Siddon

Amanda Smith

Roderick Sprigg

Mervyn Street

Emma Tann

Jasmine Tucker

Leah Umbagai

Daniel Walbidi

Ben Ward

Wendy Warrie

Bugai Whyoulter

Corban Williams

Jessica Wilson

Zaharni Wright



Most Outstanding Work: $30,000

Best Work by an Indigenous Artist: $20,000

Best Work by a non-Indigenous Artist: $20,000

Kathy Donnelly Award: $10,000

Best Work in a Medium other than Painting: $8,000

Best Sculptural Work: $8,000

Youth Award (under 25): $2,500

Encouragement Award: $2,000

People’s Choice Award: $1,000

Application forms and information for exhibitors: