Keen to try your hand at print making? Learn the art of linocut, make your very own marks and learn how to prepare and ink your own lino plate on a variety of fine Japanese papers at our upcoming Linocut Workshop at The Goods Shed. Linocut is a versatile and straightforward relief process, where an image is transferred onto paper using a hand-burnishing technique or a press.  Designs ranging from graphic and gestural to fine and delicate are cut into a linoleum plate with specialised tools. Bold single colour prints can be achieved, or you can experiment with a subtle interplay of layers and opacities in a multi-plate method.

In this 3.5 hour workshop you will be introduced to the linocut process, learning how to make a variety of marks with a range of cutting tools. You will learn how to prepare, carve and ink a lino plate, and how to mix your own colours using medium extenders to change opacity. This will be followed by a demonstration of the registration technique.  You will have the opportunity to print on a variety of fine Japanese papers*. This workshop will focus on a multi-plate process and working with various opacities you can experiment with layering your image to make a dynamic composition.

The linocut process is more gentle on the wrist than woodcut, as the material is softer and easier to manipulate (at times!). This 3.5 hour workshop is suitable for beginners and intermediate printmakers.

The Art of Linocut Workshop | 24 February 2019 10:00AM – 1.30 PM
 The Goods Shed 4 Shenton Road, Claremont, , WA, Australia.
Cost | $123.47   Book Now

*All materials are supplied, with additional specialist printmaking paper and linoleum plates available for sale as required. We are only able to accept cash at this time, so please bring small change with you. Items are priced between $3-$10.