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Doreen Chapman

About Doreen Chapman

Dorren Chapman catalogue available here.

Opening at 6pm on 13 October 2016 FORM’s Spinifex Hill Studios and Martumili Artists and are very proud to co-present Doreen Chapman, a self-titled solo exhibition by one of Western Australia’s rising Aboriginal art stars, Pilbara-based painter Doreen Chapman. This showcase of recent work is the first solo exhibition by the acclaimed Manyjilyjarra artist and will show alongside Fitzgerald Biosphere by Amok Island.

Doreen Chapman. Photograph by Tobias Titz.

Doreen Chapman. Photograph by Tobias Titz.


Growing up in various communities throughout the remote Pilbara, Chapman learnt to paint with her mother, distinguished painter Maywokka May Chapman. She first exhibited with Martumili Artists in 2010, and has been a frequent presence at FORM’s Spinifex Hill Studios since 2013.



Untitled by Doreen Chapman. Acrylic on Canvas.


Chapman is distinguished by the freedom of her brushwork and her ability to work large canvases at speed, sometimes switching hands to maintain her frenetic pace, which lends her canvasses a distinctive and compelling energy. As a deaf woman, painting is an important means of communication for Chapman, providing vital insight into her experiences. This is an exciting opportunity to view new work from ‘the fastest brush in the West’.


Untitled by Doreen Chapman Acrylic On Canvas

Untitled by Doreen Chapman Acrylic On Canvas


Though Chapman and Amok Island each have a very different aesthetic sensibility and relationship to landscape, the pair are linked by their vibrant pastel colour palette, the inspiration they draw from Western Australia’s regional landscape, and their distinctive eye for capturing the unique qualities of the State’s flora and fauna with humour and charm. Read together, these two solo exhibitions reimagine some of the State’s most remote landscapes, while showcasing the diversity of FORM’s ongoing regional programming.

She quick painter, quickly, looking, looking.  No fishing, no hunting, no car, painting, painting every day eh?  You been bring ‘em, she painting, painting, painting! – Maywokka May Chapman on Doreen Chapman.

Artworks by Doreen Chapman are also available as part of the Spinifex Hill Studio’s extensive artwork collection, available here, with new artworks being created every day.


Untitled by Doreen Chapman Acrylic On Canvas

Untitled by Doreen Chapman Acrylic On Canvas

Doreen Chapman was born in Jigalong in 1971 and grew up between desert communities in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. She is a Manyjilyjarra artist who has spent the majority of her adult life in Warralong, a community 160km south-east of Port Hedland. Chapman began painting with her mother, Maywokka May Chapman, and first exhibited with Martumili Artists in 2010. From 2013 she has additionally been a regular member of FORM’s Spinifex Hill Artists in South Hedland.

Doreen Chapman will exhibit from 13 October until late December.



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