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About Land.Mark.Art

Since 2010, Land.Mark.Art is a creative professional development model designed to build new skills, income and employment opportunities for Aboriginal artists. Researched, designed and delivered by FORM in partnership with Urban Art Projects, Land.Mark.Art enables visual artists to evolve their skills to large scale,  three-dimensional artworks for the public realm via a structured learning process.

The Land.Mark.Art model offers artists wishing to explore 3D artform development access to a network of artists, curators, academics, arts facilitators, designers, engineers and extensive fabrication facilities to assist in the development of their ideas into creative, innovative and highly sophisticated sculptural works.This process is invaluable as it opens up new pathways for artists to access significant public art opportunities through tenders and commissions, and the income and reputational dividends that come with this.

Good public art can be integrated into functional aspects of a built environment so that it responds to a practical need in an attractive, interesting way. In this way, public art produced through Land.Mark.Art offers rich rewards for a local community: serving practical needs, adding interest and opportunities to interact with local places, and, through the creative expression of the artists involved, articulating important cultural stories, histories and aspects of culture.

To date the Land.Mark.Art model has provided training to over 70 artists living in Perth and the Pilbara and resulted in 43 public art commissions across Western Australia.


Form - building a state of creativity