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Public Art | Midland Health Campus

About Public Art | Midland Health Campus

Public Art | Midland Health Campus

Client: St John of God

Year: 2012 – 2016

Artists: Deborah Bonar, Penny Bovell, Peter Dailey, Ian Dowling, Peter Farmer Designs, Simon Gilby, Thomas Hoareau, Rob McCulloch, Ian Mutch, Tony Pankiw, Jahne Rees, and Monique Tippet.

FORM developed the art strategy for St John of God’s Midland Public Hospital together with the State government, Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, NS Projects, Brookfield Multiplex and HASSELL Architects. FORM recognises that appropriate artworks can contribute directly to tangible benefits for patients, carers and health care workers.

Central to St John of God’s vision for the Midland Public Hospital was the notion of building not only a health care facility, but a new social hub whereby the community is actively involved on an ongoing basis. A number of external spaces within the precinct were designed to act as a meeting place for local communities through a design that authentically reflects the place and people it seeks to engage with.

The facility not only integrates artworks by Western Australian artists across the precinct, it also supports a program of arts events, performances and cultural activities, supporting the vibrant community activity in the heart Midland. The program has been developed in close consultation with local communities, enabling a flexible, sustainable activation of these shared spaces.

Artists were commissioned for eleven site specific artworks across the precinct.


FORM’s Public Art stream draws on research and strategic thinking in order to help facilitate creativity in our urban environment. Our team of architects, art consultants, curators, writers, and place strategists actively seek out projects that contribute meaningfully to the place where they are installed. Working collaboratively with artists, architects, fabricators, government, and the private sector allows FORM to offer a full service approach to public art commissions. Furthermore, our focus on stakeholder engagement, creative development and strategy, curation, design, fabrication, installation, and ongoing programming, allows us to actively encourage and assist first-time applicants, ensuring that art in Western Australia’s public spaces is as diverse as possible.

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