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Once Upon a Time in the West

About Once Upon a Time in the West

Marlbatharndu Wanggagu | Once Upon a Time in the West explores histories and stories of Aboriginal stockmen, rural, and domestic workers on pastoral stations in the Pilbara during the 20th century. Focusing on the experiences of Banyjima, Yinhawangka, and Nyiyaparli people, the project is the result of an engaged and sustained collaborative partnership between the IBN Aboriginal Corporation, FORM curator Sharmila Wood, and anthropologist Andrew Dowding.

Aboriginal people’s involvement was pivotal in developing the pastoral industry in Western Australia, yet this labour is often unacknowledged. With pastoral leases up for renewal on the 30 June 2015, it is a poignant time to reflect upon this history. For this exhibition, opening in South Hedland on the 22nd October and at FORM Gallery in Perth on the 6th November, oral  histories and audio will sit alongside photography and paste-ups by Jetsonorama (USA), ‘one-shot’ enamel sign-writing on an International AR 110 and neon works by Reko Rennie (Melbourne), and photography by Claire Martin (Australia).




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