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About P.H.otography

Taking its name from the initials of the Pilbara town of Port Hedland, where the program began, P.H.otography is an arts development program that marries technical and artistic photography skills with sensory explorations of place and regional identity.

FORM launched P.H.otography in 2007 as a response to a keen community interest in photography in the Pilbara region. The program has gone from strength to strength, involving a high calibre of eminent mentor photographers – from award-winning photojournalists to fine art photographers – and attracting many local participants. The program is structured around weekend workshops that are adventuristic at heart – photographers travel across the outback terrain of the North West, camping, hiking, spending time with the locals, and taking part in iconic local events such as rodeos, the races, festivals and musters. This structure enables a very real and unique insight into life in the North West and in this way the program has become a significant articulator of regional cultural identity, as well as a professional development platform for artists.

The most recent P.H.otography workshop took place in September, and was led by respected photojournalists David Dare Parker, Paul Parin and Bo Wong, who hosted participants over a two weekends in Port Hedland and Broome, on the Kimberley coast.

More information on P.H.otography, including enrolment in future workshops, can be found at

*Images: Photographs by Bo Wong, Paul Parin, Alice King, Bewley Shaylor, John Elliot, Pia Thornett.

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