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Pitch In For A Kitchen

About Pitch In For A Kitchen

On Monday 3rd August we launched our Pitch In For A Kitchen crowdfunding campaign to fund equipment for 100 Hampton Road, hoping that we might, maybe make it to $20,000 by September. What happened after that was inspiring. More than 1,000 people shared our campaign and 364 people donated, with individual donations ranging from $5 to $1,000 – we hit $20,000 in our first three days and closed the campaign beyond target- with $30,310.

Thanks to this awe-inspiring support, we’ll be able to stock and open the kitchen doors so much sooner than expected.

Everything raised above the target will be invested into the essential and much-needed training program; delivering cooking classes and shared meals for residents and facilitating skill development which will provide 100 Hampton Road’s people with skills to help them find employment in the hospitality and food industry.

We will also be able to purchase the next level of equipment such as dough mixers and dehydrators so that resident Kym, who is a baker and a chai fanatic, will be able to create his Hampton Road sourdough using local living cultures and a locally made chai tea.

Thank You to For Your Generosity.  We’re beyond chuffed – your contributions have taken our crowdfunding campaign to  $30,310.

Final Thankyou


Most of the 192 residents at 100 Hampton Road, WA’s largest lodging house, are disadvantaged, vulnerable or recovering from periods of crisis. If you asked them, many would tell you interaction was what they wanted most.
We’ve been running a weekly shared lunch project there with Perth Chef Sophie Budd, using a cooking class to strengthen community and create opportunities. But it’s growing into something much bigger. Residents have been piloting the sale of jams, chutneys and preserves made using little more than a barbecue and an old stove at local markets and we’ve just given the kitchen a renovation.

We want the 100 Hampton Road kitchen to be a space for skill development, where disadvantaged and vulnerable people can gain the expertise necessary for employment in the food industry. Our vision is for a place of abundance, warmth, fresh produce and shared learning around a kitchen table. We want to activate the space to nourish, inspire and create a meaningful activity for people facing a time of uncertainty.

With enormous thanks to a grant of $100 000 from Impact100 Fremantle, the floors have been laid and the ceiling fixed- but we are only halfway there. Now we’ve got the Hampton Road Kitchen across the line, filling our empty shelves with pots and pans, our cupboards with bowls and spoons and our benches with industry appliances.

We’ve raised the $20 000 we needed by September 3 so the Hampton Road Kitchen can be fully equipped with the tools of the trade to train, mentor and provide hope to residents.

How we will use your contribution

The $20 000 we raise will fund cooking equipment and resources to create an industry standard training kitchen.

Here are some of the things we will use the funds for.
Food processors
Stainless steel pots and pans
Salt and Pepper shakers
Wooden spoons

The story of 100 Hampton Road

Many residents at 100 Hampton Road are living at a lodging house because they have no other options. Some are facing significant challenges, serious disadvantage or are just starting to get their lives together following periods of crisis or homelessness.

The Hampton Road Kitchen is part of a broader 100 Hampton Road project designed and delivered by FORM in partnership with Foundation Housing, the building operators.
Beginning in April 2014, we’ve been upgrading shared spaces including common rooms and outdoor areas and running a bunch of projects at the lodging house that connect people, strengthen communities and improve wellbeing, from bicycle building to making terrariums. We’ve been working with residents to create a place of pride, opportunity and community,

The project has been rich and multi layered with people dedicating their time, love and hard work and, through initiatives like collective lunches, woodworking, growing things and creativity we hope to give some of Fremantle’s most vulnerable people the basis for integration into economic and social opportunity.

Want to know more? Give us a bell on 9226 2799.

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