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PUBLIC 2014 Art in the City

About PUBLIC 2014 Art in the City

PUBLIC launched in April 2014 with Art in the City, bringing more than 45 artists from around the world joined with our local Australian talent to transform more than 35 spaces or walls around Perth into an urban canvas. The resulting artistic gifts recast the city as an enormous outdoor gallery. These murals enliven public spaces and laneways across two key axes of the city and Northbridge, and invite audiences to see and engage with their city through the artists’ lens. Many of the artists were influenced by the histories, stories or context of the city and its communities, inspiring the works they produced. In turn, over nine days from April 5 – 13, Perth’s community was invited to witness the creative process in action, with the creation of these murals themselves a performative spectacle.

This celebration of urban, visual and digital art across the city offers place activation of a different nature. The artworks now remain for Perth’s residents and visitors to enjoy, and have become another layer of the storied interactions that will continually shape the fabric of our city.

Form - building a state of creativity