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Art in the Pilbara

About Art in the Pilbara

Art in the Pilbara saw an expansion of the PUBLIC 2014 program into the Pilbara, taking with it participating artists to the north of Western Australia to engage with the local Port Hedland community through workshops and large-scale public artworks.

Art in the Pilbara is part of FORM’s commitment to enhancing the creative industries and communities of this unique region. 

In April 2014, 11 international artists travelled to the North to paint murals and engage in workshops with local artists; ROA (Belgium), Pixel Pancho (Italy), Ever (Argentina), REMED (France), Phlegm (UK), Alexis Diaz (Puerto Rico), Jetsonorama (USA), Gaia (USA), 2501 (Italy), Jaz (Argentina), and Reko Rennie (AUS)

The result has enhanced the representation of the Pilbara overseas while lifting the sights of those that call the Pilbara home. PUBLIC2014 Art in the Pilbara is about expanding our horizons and imagining a landscape that goes beyond business as usual.

While PUBLIC 2014 has engaged a number of international artists, there have also been a number of local and national artists who have travelled as part of Art in the Pilbara to paint murals. These include Phibs, The Yok and Sheryo, Amok Island, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Hayley Welsh, Tim Rollins, Ryan Boserio, Saner, and Andrew Frazer.

For over 10 years FORM has been working with BHP Billiton to transform the perceptions of the northwest through our regional programming. Programs such as Art in the Pilbara provide the community with avenues to share their distinctive region, sense of place, and cultural identity.


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