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RECRAFTED was exhibited at FORM Gallery April –  June 2015

RECRAFTED brings together two artists who share an interest in hybrid forms and an innovative approach to materials. Be enchanted by the world they create with their exquisite installations.

Presented as part of PUBLIC 2015, the festival which celebrates the role of creativity and innovation in making better communities.

An immersive installation explores a brave new world of networks and webs where binaries collapse as digital and tactile merge, public and private are flipped inside out and tradition divisions between craft and technology, old and new, past and present are reconsidered.

Nandita Kumar: Nandita Kumar is a new-media artist who creates immersive environmental spaces. She explores the process through which human beings construct meaning from their experiences, by creating sensory narratives through the use of sound, video/animation and performance, or through smartphone apps, customised motherboards and solar/microwave sensors.

NeSpoon: NeSpoon is a street artist from Warsaw, Poland who uses ornate lace patterns in the creation of ‘public jewellery’.  She makes use of stenciling and painting, textile installation and ceramics, often intervening in the urban and natural landscapes in order to draw attention to the beauty of commonly-overlooked sites. She has shown work in galleries and public sites across her native Poland, as well as in Austria, Croatia, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates, and has collaborated with local lace-makers in a number of these countries in the creation of her works.




Form - building a state of creativity