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We Call it Home

About We Call it Home

We Call It Home explores the nuanced meanings of home to the Spinifex Hill Artists. Through their paintings the artists share with us stories about their lives, and their connections to Country in Port Hedland and across Western Australia. Through their rich and evocative canvases we gain a great insight into the depths of connections and knowledge that these artists hold to their Country.

Home and belonging is conceived in this work not only as a relationship to place, but also through the integral value of connections formed with family, and through storytelling, and painting.

The Spinifex Hill Artists’ paintings often reflect personal memories of being in Country, as well as Dreaming stories which describe the origins of this land, and how it was formed. Often these stories conflate into mythologies of place that impact directly on the lives of the people who live there.

The Aboriginal relationship to Country is something that is experienced and enacted through storytelling, ceremony, hunting, and in contemporary times, painting. Aboriginal paintings of place do more than represent a location or memory, they play an important role in the maintenance, demonstration, and sharing of culture.

For the Spinifex Hill Artists painting and storytelling is a powerful tool through which they can share knowledge with younger generations, and also communicate to others about their way of life and their complex and resonant cultural and personal identities.

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