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Worn Land

About Worn Land

Worn Land opened at The Goods Shed, 6pm, Thursday 22nd September.

Details of the public program can be found here.

In 2014 four prominent Melbourne artists, Yuko Fuijta, Nicky Hepburn, Pennie Jagiello, and Natalia Milosz-Piekarska undertook residencies as part of the Unexpected Jeweller program with FORM in Port Hedland, in Western Australia’s north west. As part of their visit to the region the jewellers conducted workshops and programs with the local community and Aboriginal artists, undertook fieldtrips, and begun the research and development for a body of work in response to the landscape.

After completing their residencies the Victorian jewellers and a number of local Aboriginal artists were brought together again in the Pilbara to undertake an intensive large-scale three-dimensional workshop. The aim of this was for both established and emerging artists to expand their practice and to develop concepts for large scale three-dimensional artworks in response to the Pilbara.

Resulting from this residency program is Worn Land, an immersive, experiential exhibition which transported visitors into the grand landscapes and the minute details of the Pilbara as experienced by these four Victorian artists, exploring the disorienting intersection of desire and displacement that can accompany our experience of place. Fujita, Hepburn, Jagiello, and Milosz-Piekarska created works in response to their residencies in the Pilbara, and the results engage with an ungraspable and resistant landscape through explorations of materiality and scale.

Throughout their residencies, Fujita, Hepburn, Jagiello, and Milosz- Piekarska ventured into some of the most isolated parts of northern Western Australia. Working both with and in response to materials found within these places, the resident jewellers developed immersive works that explore the relationship between the body and these remote environments.

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