Cultural Tourism, Creative Experiences

Whenever we are drawn to places because of their natural beauty, art, buildings, history, cuisine, literature, performance, or to other cultures because of our curiosity and respect for their lifestyles, values, beliefs and traditions, we participate in the fastest-growing sector of world travel: cultural tourism.

FORM and Cultural Tourism

At FORM we believe cultural tourism holds the key to unlock Western Australia’s potential to express an identity which fully communicates the power of its size, wildness, cultural sacredness, beauty, character and toughness. It is also an opportunity to build an inclusive economy that aims not to put anybody at a disadvantage. FORM is designing and delivering cultural experiences for visitors who want to connect with and be amazed by the real Western Australia.


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Join FORM’s Creative Learning team for these special workshop series exploring why creativity matters.
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Play Agent Workshop


Investing in Play, Creativity & Learning


Creative Practices that Deepen Learning in Schools

Cultural Tourism, Creative Experiences

FORM’s Creative Learning Program aims to improve the learning outcomes of young Western Australians. It does so by activating creative learning strategies through the establishment of meaningful partnerships between teachers, creative (arts) practitioners and young people.

This program builds on robust international evidence that deploying art based pedagogies across the curriculum improves the quality and impact of general education.

What is it?

Creative Schools is a learning program that explores the academic, emotional and social value of bringing ‘creative practitioners’ directly into school environments, through a sustained engagement. Creative Schools is a FORM developed program, designed and implemented in partnership with Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE), an international foundation dedicated to unlocking the creativity of children and young people.

For more information visit: creativeschools.com.au

Participating Schools

The future of work

The only certainty about the future is uncertainty. Many educators recognise the importance of creativity for young people: the ability to develop original solutions, to cope with unpredictability, to respond positively to change and to display flexibility of mind.

Through the Creative Learning program, FORM designs projects that prepare young people for the unpredictable future by nurturing their creative habits of mind: being inquisitive, collaborative, persistent,disciplined and imaginative.


Improved subject learning outcomes in Maths, Literacy, HASS or Science of schools.