our work depends on the support of meaningful, long-term partnerships 


What we look for in a partner

Shared vision, respect for each other's skills, and mutual trust; most importantly, a desire to collaborate toward a prosperous future for Western Australia's long-term artistic, cultural and social wellbeing.

Principal Partner

The successful 13 year cross-sector partnership between BHP and FORM is one that nurtures innovative approaches to the challenging issue of sustainable regional development. The knowledge and skills contributed by each partner have served to foster outcomes that would be difficult to achieve for either partner alone. At the same time, the increasing recognition of the integral value of ‘culture’ in sustainable development brings to focus the merit, richness, and potential of this type of partnering – which can serve as a model for cultural development. The long standing relationship is a leading exemplar of the power of meaningful partnerships to empower communities, enable people and transform opportunity in our State.

Major Partners

The Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program helps fund the operations of Spinifex Hill Studio and programs

Wesfarmers Arts provide regular support and advocacy of creativity in WA through their support of FORM through sponsorships and commissions.

Lotterywest have provided significant support to numerous FORM projects.

FORM is supported by the Western Australian Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

Case Studies

FORM is assisted by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australia State and Territory Governments.

Case Studies
Supporting Partners

The Creative Schools Program was initiated and is managed by FORM, provided by the Department of Education and is financially supported by the Western Australian Government.

The Crown Resorts Foundation works with the Packer Family Foundation to deliver their National Philanthropic Fund. It supports educational and creative learning opportunities for young Australians, and is partnering with FORM on the Creative Learning and Creative Schools program.

The fundamental aim of the Rowley Foundation is to provide WA's young people with opportunities to enhance life experiences in the areas of arts, sport and education with an end goal to improve the health of our community in Western Australia.

Scotch College is one of Australia's leading schools for boys. Throughout its long history, the School has upheld a tradition of excellence that is reflected in a wide and progressive curriculum. In partnership with FORM, Scotch is hosting three days dedicated to schools in the second Scribblers Festival of literature and arts for young people.

The Town of Claremont is the local government authority for the riverside suburbs of Claremont and Swanbourne, within which FORM is based. FORM and the Town of Claremont regularly partner to deliver collaborative projects, such as Scribblers Festival and Off the Page 2018 + 2019.

The CBH Group is Australia’s largest co-operative and a leader in the Australian grain industry. Owned and controlled by more than 4,000 Western Australian grain growing businesses, CBH is FORM’s partner on the PUBLIC Silo Trail.

Healthway funds sport, arts, community activities, health promotion projects and research to inspire West Australians, especially young people, to live healthier lives. Healthway partners with Scribblers Festival to encourage young people to nourish their body and their mind through Healthway’s Go For 2 & 5 health message.

Herbert Freehill Smith have provided ongoing pro bono support to FORM, assisting to develop legal support around our program.

Hospitality Partners

Katrina & Craig Burton   
Delwyn Everard & Al Donald
MEM Loton OAM  
Vivienne Stewart    
Joanne Farrell    
Marilyn Burton  
Randal & Monique Humich    
Paula Rogers & Phil Thick    
Spinifex Pty Ltd