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FORM Gallery & Café

The name may have changed to FORM Gallery & Café, but everything you’ve come to know and love about the destination formerly known as The Goods Shed ― the culture, creativity, community and delicious coffee ― is still very much the same.
Here, FORM curates and presents exhibitions and programs that promote creativity, with a particular focus on showcasing Western Australia's talented regional artists to a metropolitan audience.

FORM Gallery & Café is one of the few non-profit galleries and cafés in the State. We sell exhibition artworks with the majority of proceeds going back to the artists, and the remainder invested directly into our mission of developing a vibrant creative economy for the benefit and wellbeing of Western Australian communities.

FORM Gallery is unique.

Built in 1886 and originally used as a goods shed for the railway line, it’s no surprise this charismatic and sensitively restored heritage building is in constant demand for event hire.

We can consider corporate events and receptions; book launches; community functions; arts, educational and cultural events that complement the exhibitions we hold, and workshops. However, the configuration of both floors and walls―and hence the building’s maximum occupancy level―may change with each new exhibition. So please be aware that we have to keep this in mind when considering any hiring requests.

Unfortunately, we do not accommodate wedding ceremonies or receptions; engagement parties; wakes; birthday celebrations; or any event with a headcount exceeding 200.

Also, as FORM Gallery is dedicated to showing exhibitions and artists associated with FORM’s artistic program, we don’t accept exhibitions that are not curated and produced by us.

To discuss your event, and find out more about our hire fees and supplier guidelines, please follow the link below:
Opening night at Plasticology,
The Goods Shed, 2020.
Image courtesy of FORM

After being entrusted by the State Government in 2015 with the successful transformation of The Goods Shed into an exhibition and creative project space and café, this treasured cultural landmark, located right next to Claremont Station, has been renamed to reflect the ways in which it has served the community for the past six years.

Since opening in 2016 (and FORM moved its headquarters to the Station Master’s House on the other side of Claremont Station) this heritage railway building has welcomed thousands of people to connect locally and globally through culture and creativity.


Open daily, except for public holidays, FORM Café is home to some of the best coffee in Claremont. Our friends at Perth Is Ok say so! As a not-for-profit run café, every dollar you spend goes back into helping FORM Build a State of Creativity.

Image courtesy of FORM

4 Shenton Road, Claremont WA 6010

FORM Gallery
Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am - 12:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Monday to Friday: 7:00am - 12:00pm
Saturday: 7:30am - 12:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Please direct all enquiries to FORM on
08 9385 2200 or email

Why have you changed the name of The Goods Shed to FORM Gallery and Café?

In 2016, after many years in the Perth CBD, we moved our main office to the Old Stationmaster’s House and established a gallery in the heritage-listed goods shed building at Claremont Station. While overseeing the transformation and establishment of this beautiful old building as an exhibition space and community hub, plus café, we felt it appropriate to retain the name The Goods Shed. However, it’s now time for us to retire that name, and bring our main office, Gallery and café together under the one FORM name.

First of all, we hope this will result in more clarity for FORM's many present― and future―visitors, partners, collaborators and supporters over exactly who runs the Gallery and café. And secondly, it’s important for us as an organisation to reinforce our FORM identity and brand.

Does FORM own the building?

FORM owns and manages the Gallery building. The State Government signed it over to us in 2019, and its ongoing use, preservation and purpose―for the benefit of all Western Australians―is in safe hands with us.