We believe creativity can make a difference to quality of life, learning and livelihoods in Western Australia.

FORM is an independent, non-profit organisation based in Perth. Through our work we’ve seen how people and places can flourish, confidence can grow, and how governments and businesses can be influenced by what creativity can achieve.  

Berndnaut Smilde
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Artistic Excellence
Creative Responsiveness
Enjoyment & Opportunity


We believe creativity and artistic excellence can unlock enjoyment and opportunity for all Western Australians, creating pathways to skills relevant for evolving workplaces and to more integrated and enlightened communities. Thinking, learning and acting with creativity and imagination can help individuals, organisations and society collaborate to achieve meaningful potential.

Access to arts and culture for all:
Putting excellence in arts and culture at the heart of Western Australian life.

Commitment and legacy:
Commitment to ambitious programs that create meaningful cultural change and demonstrate leadership.

Celebrating Western Australian arts, culture and ingenuity, with national and global reach.

Pursuit of excellence: In all that we do.

Our People

Our team is a collective of professionals from a wealth of backgrounds. We are writers, architects, content producers, designers, artists, educators and curators and we deliver our projects across the state.  

Executive Board

Paul Chamberlain
Charlotte Hamlyn
Board Member
Lynda Dorrington
Ex Officio
Natalie Walker
Peter Lee
Board Member
Rebecca Eggleston
Stedman Ellis
Board Member
Stuart Smith
Board Member
Tania Hudson
Board Member

Our Team

The FORM team.

"All of us want to connect with the sense of being part of something larger than our single selves"

Bruce Munro
Field of Light

"Break rules, be passionate, think about your community's legacy"

Jason Roberts
Tactical Urbanist

"I love that the work was inspired by environmental issues and made us think about how we live our lives and encourage us to live more consciously"

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