An innovative approach to learning in schools

An approach that also helps children to collaborate and listen, challenge and discover, fail and grow, think and reflect. The three R’s are still important; it’s just that there is more than one way of helping students achieve them.

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Creative Schools
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Some students have difficulty learning or even just being in class

In low socioeconomic areas this issue might be particularly marked. Research shows that creativity can help ease or eliminate that difficulty, and increase academic achievement for students.

Creative Schools trains and partners teachers with creative practitioners (who could be dancers, painters, musicians or writers) to help children learn

These partnerships address a priority learning area—mathematics, HASS or science—and employ creative strategies for teaching the Western Australia curriculum.

Creative Schools
Image courtesy of FORM
Creative Schools
Image courtesy of FORM
“Is it art or is it maths or is it both?”  How Creative Schools has started to transform learning at a Perth primary school

The school is in a multicultural area where many families have some socioeconomic disadvantage. The children say:  “we do lots of discovering!” Teachers say: “students’ willingness to try something challenging is now so much better than before.” The parents say: “my son was proud … really happy.”

Backed by international research and expertise

FORM developed Creative Schools for Western Australia in partnership with Creativity Culture & Education, a global organisation dedicated to transforming the learning experience of children to prepare them for the opportunities and careers of the twenty-first century.

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