An annual festival of books and culture, dedicated to children and young people

One week each year in Claremont, and online regionally all year round, Scribblers Festival engages children, parents, families, schools and communities with the creative possibilities of books, culture, illustration and writing.

Opening up worlds of words and writing, books and podcasts

Scribblers gives children the chance to meet and learn from leading authors and poets and illustrators from Australia and around the world, and come away saying… “I want to do that too”

In Claremont, Perth, around The Goods Shed

Sessions specially for schools, a weekend of family-friendly literary activities including a Mother’s Day Market, Book Doctors, a Conversation Caravan with specially recruited young podcasters, and interaction with guest creatives.

Scribblers Festival
Image courtesy of FORM
Scribblers Festival
Image courtesy of FORM
… and regionally from Pemberton to Port Hedland and beyond

Over 100 libraries State-wide hiding Scribblers feather bookmarks for children to find, a creative writing competition, podcasts of sessions for regional schools.


Children in the
school sessions




sessions on children’s literature & visual literacy
Scribblers Festival
Image courtesy of FORM

Encouraging confidence, self-discovery and a love of words and pictures

Part of FORM’s Creative Learning Program, Scribblers aims to stimulate a confidence in culture, reading, writing and creative thinking in young Western Australians; a confidence that can support them at home and at school, and open pathways to future careers.  


Scribblers Festival
Image courtesy of FORM
“it inspired me so much I can’t wait to grow up”
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