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Our Partners

Developing meaningful, long-term partnerships is an essential part of FORM’s mandate. Our partnerships move beyond traditional money-for-services sponsorship models to represent a shared vision, a respect of each others skills, a mutual trust and a desire to contribute something truly long-lasting to the communities involved.

Each of FORM’s Projects have a unique combination of partners and supporters which allow them to take place. See individual Project pages and websites to view their individual sets of acknowledgements.



Principal Partner

BHP Link to BHP


The successful 10 year cross-sector partnership between BHP and FORM is one that nurtures innovative approaches to the challenging issue of sustainable regional development. The knowledge and skills contributed by each partner have served to foster outcomes that would be difficult to achieve for either partner alone. At the same time, the increasing recognition of the integral value of ‘culture’ in sustainable development brings to focus the merit, richness, and potential of this type of partnering – which can serve as a model for cultural development.

The initial vision for the partnership was to improve the quality of life in the Pilbara towns in which BHP operated. By helping these communities celebrate a distinctive sense of place and identity, and by broadening the economic and employment opportunities for Aboriginal people, they become more attractive places to live and work.

At the heart of the partnership lies social investment in a manner that encourages a convergence between the needs of BHP as a business, FORM as a cultural organisation, and those of the broader community.

The partnership between FORM and BHP has been recognised by the Australian Business Arts Foundation, winning commitment and community awards in 2010 and 2011.

Supporting Partners

Wesfarmers ArtsLink to Wesfarmers Arts

Wesfarmers Arts

Wesfarmers Arts provide regular support and advocacy of creativity in WA through their support of FORM through sponsorships and commissions.

Culture and the Arts (WA)Link to Culture and the Arts (WA)

Culture and the Arts (WA)

FORM is supported by the Western Australian Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

Visual Arts and Craft StrategyLink to Visual Arts and Craft Strategy

Visual Arts and Craft Strategy

FORM is supported by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australia State and Territory Governments.

LotterywestLink to Lotterywest


Lotterywest have provided significant support to numerous FORM projects.

LandcorpLink to Landcorp


Landcorp are supporting FORM to deliver The Goods Shed as a major cultural facility and project space for Perth

CatalystLink to Catalyst


Catalyst - Australian Arts and Council Fund supports The Goods Shed through our major residency program across Western Australia.

Town of Port HedlandLink to Town of Port Hedland

Town of Port Hedland

The Town of Port Hedland have partnered with FORM to maintain the Courthouse Gallery and Visitors Centre in Port Hedland.

Office for the ArtsLink to Office for the Arts

Office for the Arts

The Australian Government's Office for the Arts provides support to FORM's Spinifex Hill Artists, and occasional other projects.

Arts LawLink to Arts Law

Arts Law

Arts Law have provided ongoing pro bono support to assist in developing innovative legal frameworks around key projects.

Herbert Smith FreehillsLink to Herbert Smith Freehills

Herbert Smith Freehills

HSF have provided ongoing pro bono support to FORM, assisting to develop legal support around our program.

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